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Unleashing the Power of English Grammar: A Holistic Approach to Boosting Your Skills

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

All over the world people study English grammar for years and still find it difficult. So do traditional methods of learning grammar work? Is doing numerous grammar exercises enough? Find out the reasons that make the process challenging and a way for you to turn this around.

English grammar is often considered a formidable challenge for learners worldwide, leading many to question the effectiveness of traditional learning methods. Merely relying on numerous grammar exercises may not yield the desired results. In this guide, we delve into the reasons behind the difficulties encountered during the grammar learning process and present a transformative solution to help you overcome these obstacles. We will look at: The process of learning grammar The problem with learning grammar

If you want to boost your grammar you need to understand why you haven’t been able to improve until now despite all the lessons, courses, and exercises you have done, probably for years.

In our previous post about language learning, we explained some fundamental concepts. You probably remember the terms: input, intake, and output.


What is the process of learning English Grammar?

To truly enhance your grammar skills, it is crucial to uncover the underlying factors that have hindered your progress thus far, despite years of lessons, courses, and exercises.

In our previous post on "How do you learn a language," we discussed essential concepts such as input, intake, and output, which serve as the foundation for language acquisition. Understanding these concepts is essential for a comprehensive approach to mastering English grammar.

Here's how grammar learning works:

Step 1: INPUT

Step 2: INTAKE

Step 3: OUTPUT

This is when your brain receives information about a grammatical structure.

This is when your brain understands how this grammar structure works and makes sense of it.

This is when you are able to produce and use a structure in context.

  • Your teacher tells you about a structure you didn’t know about

  • You see a structure in a text

  • You hear a structure through listening

  • You do grammar exercises

  • You complete sentences

  • You take notes

  • You think about why something is structured in a specific way

  • You use the structure in a speaking

  • You use the structure in a writing

  • You try to translate from your mother tongue


What are the challenges of learning English Grammar?

Learning grammar involves navigating various challenges that can impede progress. We examine these obstacles in detail, highlighting common pitfalls and misconceptions. By identifying these stumbling blocks, you can adopt a more effective strategy that maximizes your learning potential.

Have you ever been in a similar scenario?

You went ​to a class where the teacher explained the Present Perfect to the class and then you did your homework and you completed the exercises. You felt good because your exercises were correct.

Then you try to have a conversation in English and you freeze, you go blank. You don't remember a single thing...

And you get frustrated because you have put a lot of effort and it is still not paying off.

Here's the problem:

Every time you skip step 3 of the process, you won't learn. You will only understand how the language works and gain knowledge but that does not mean you know how to use it, as explained in our post about how to learn a language.


For the process to work, the minimum necessary is the following:

​The structure is in context and that context is meaningful and interesting for you: your brain registers interest and needs for the structure.


It's like driving a car!

You see people driving cars all around you. You have no idea how they do it. You go in the car with someone. You start noticing details about how they do it.

​You are aware that what you are doing is a step of the learning process but not all the learning. In fact, you are understanding the mechanics of how something works by noticing patterns.


It's like driving a car!

You go home. Your interest is sparked. You are curious. You watch videos on youtube of how people drive and look at some pictures of how people do it. You start to understand how it’s done in theory. It makes more and more sense the more you research.

​You push yourself to use the structure in a context that is, once again, meaningful and interesting to you. You are ready to make mistakes. You are ready to repeat until those mistakes are polished.


It's like driving a car!

No matter how many videos you’ve watched, can you actually drive a car? No! Ok so it’s time to try. You do it wrong a million times until it becomes so automatic that you don’t think about it.


The Fast Track to Mastering English Grammar: Unlocking Your Potential

We know you're eager to improve your English grammar skills. We've also learned that you will not learn by explicit explanations and numerous grammar exercises. Look no further, as we reveal a powerful solution to expedite your learning journey and achieve remarkable results in record time.

The key to learning English Grammar is to embrace Immersion.

Immersing yourself in the English language is a game-changer. Surround yourself with English content, such as books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and music. By consistently exposing yourself to authentic English, you develop an intuitive understanding of grammar patterns, sentence structures, and idiomatic expressions.

Every time you practice your English grammar, do it with purpose

Engaging in purposeful practice is key to honing your grammar skills. Rather than mindlessly completing exercises, focus on targeted practice that addresses specific grammar concepts you struggle with. Utilize grammar workbooks, online resources, or language learning apps to reinforce your understanding and application of grammar rules.

Seek Language Exchange Opportunities

Connecting with native English speakers or fellow language learners opens doors to invaluable language exchange opportunities. Engaging in conversations or language exchange programs allows you to practice grammar in a real-life context, receive feedback, and learn from others' experiences.

Emphasize Active Output, instead of simply memorizing Grammar rules

While comprehending grammar rules is important, actively using them is equally crucial. Regularly engage in speaking and writing exercises that require you to apply grammar concepts. This active output solidifies your understanding and helps internalize grammar structures, leading to improved accuracy and fluency.

Get personalized tutoring and help from Tree Education's experienced language coaches

Consider seeking guidance from a qualified English teacher, tutor, or language coach. We, at Tree Education, are here to help you on your English learning Journey! Our expertise, and personalized feedback can pinpoint your specific areas for improvement and provide tailored exercises and resources to enhance your grammar skills effectively.

Utilize existing Technology to help you on your Grammar learning journey

Take advantage of the vast array of digital tools available to enhance your grammar learning experience. Language learning apps, online courses, and grammar-checking software can provide interactive exercises, instant feedback, and comprehensive explanations, making your journey toward grammar mastery more engaging and efficient. We, at Tree Education, also have an AI-based chatbot to help with your English learning journey.

Be curious when reading and listening to English. Notice structures that are new for you or structures you know you make mistakes with. It is not necessary to remember the names of the verb tenses, this is for English teachers to know. Write down your mistakes and try to use the same structures you make mistakes with every new time you speak or write in English.

Remember, the key to improving your English grammar quickly lies in a proactive approach that combines immersive experiences, purposeful practice, meaningful interactions, active output, personalized guidance, and the power of technology. By implementing these strategies, you'll unlock your full potential and see remarkable progress in no time.

Don't stay in your comfort zone!

P.S. If you are a Tree education student: complete your error correction feedback after every class.



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