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Business English for managers

Learn how to speak English to lead and inspire

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What we do.

Improved Cross-Cultural Communication

As leaders and managers, effective communication is essential for success, especially in cross-cultural contexts. Our Business English course for leaders and managers is designed to help students develop the language skills necessary to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and partners from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Enhanced Professional Development

Possessing strong language skills is a valuable asset for leaders and managers, and our Business English course can contribute to your overall professional development. With a focus on industry-specific vocabulary, communication strategies, and leadership skills, our course will help you develop the language skills you need to excel in your role and achieve your career goals.

Customized Curriculum

Our Business English course for leaders and managers is tailored to suit the specific needs of each student. We understand that each student's language requirements and skill levels may vary, so we offer a customized curriculum that can be adapted to meet each student's unique needs.


Personalized Support

Our experienced tutors provide personalized support and feedback to help leaders and managers develop their language skills. With one-on-one coaching and personalized homework assignments, we ensure that each student receives the support they need to succeed.

What we do

Our Business English courses are perfect for working managing professionals, or people in leadership roles aiming at improving their international communication skills and context-specific terminology. 

We offer personalized programs for professionals in a variety of areas besides Management, some of which are: 

What you get: 

- Online Live Classes from the comfort of your office

- One to One Business English Tutoring

- Group Business English Tutoring of no more than 4 people

- Flexible Timetables

If you have specific needs that are not listed above, contact us and we can inform you upon your request. 

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Who is it for?

Who is it for

Pricing for Business English for Companies.

Pricing varies depending on the needs of your company. 

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  • What is Business English?
    Business English is a specialized type of English language that is used in the context of business and commerce. It includes vocabulary, grammar, and language skills that are specific to the world of business, such as negotiating, writing reports, and participating in meetings.
  • Why is Business English important?
    Business English is important because it allows individuals to communicate effectively and professionally in a business context. It helps build relationships with colleagues and clients, negotiate deals, and conduct business transactions. It can also improve employment opportunities and career advancement.
  • What skills are necessary for effective Business English communication?
    Effective Business English communication requires strong language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Additionally, listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills are essential for successful business communication. Cultural awareness and sensitivity to nonverbal communication are also important.
  • How can I improve my Business English skills?
    There are several ways to improve your Business English skills, such as taking a Business English course, practicing with a tutor, reading business publications, watching business-related videos and podcasts, and attending business-related events and conferences.
  • How long does it take to learn Business English?
    The length of time it takes to learn Business English depends on various factors such as the student's language proficiency level, learning style, and study habits. It can take anywhere from a few months to a few years to develop strong Business English skills.
  • Can I learn Business English online?
    We believe that online classes can be as effective as in-person teaching, provided there's enough motivation for learning. There are many online resources available for learning Business English, and even language exchange programs. With Tree Education's programs, you will benefit from group training, one-to-one training, and a community of like-minded learners to help you accelerate your Business English learning. Online learning can be a convenient and flexible way to improve your Business English skills.
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