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Business English for Finance professionals

Learn how to speak Business English for the finance sector

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What we do.

Our Business English course for finance professionals is designed to improve your English language skills in the context of finance and business. This curriculum will cover topics such as financial terminology, accounting practices, and business communication skills. During the tutoring, you will gain the confidence to communicate more effectively in English within your professional role.


Our Business English for finance professionals course covers a range of topics that are relevant to the finance industry, including:

Financial terminology

Learn commonly used financial terms, including those related to accounting, banking, and investment.

Accounting practices

Develop an understanding of how to express information in English when discussing things like financial statements, balance sheets, and income statements.

Business communication skills

Improve your ability to write emails, make phone calls, and deliver presentations in a professional setting.

Business ethics

Explore how to discuss in Business English the ethical considerations that are relevant to finance professionals, such as insider trading and conflicts of interest


By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have improved your Business English language skills in the context of finance and business

  • Be able to use financial terminology with confidence

  • Understand accounting practices and financial statements

  • Be able to communicate more effectively in professional settings


What we do

Our course is delivered in a flexible format that is designed to fit your schedule. We offer online group and individual classes, and our experienced trainers can tailor the course to meet your specific needs. 

We offer personalized programs for professionals in a variety of areas besides Finance, some of which are: 

What you get: 

- Online Live Classes from the comfort of your office

- One to One Business English Tutoring

- Group Business English Tutoring of no more than 4 people

- Flexible Timetables

If you have specific needs that are not listed above, contact us and we can inform you upon your request. 

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Who is it for?

Who is it for

Pricing for Business English for Companies.

Pricing varies depending on the needs of your company. 

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