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Learn English naturally. 
Improve your skills.

Running Up

One skill at a time.

We believe that improvement comes one step at a time. This is why, in your lessons you will focus on one skill for some time before you continue onto the next. 


What we focus on is help you develop your skills in order to help you communicate effectively.

This is not a grammar course. 

This is not a book course. 

This is not a rigid course. 

One skill at a time

We don't believe in the concept of covering one coursebook per course. 

After establishing the objectives of your course, we review officially published materials and incorporate in your classes those materials that are appropriate for you and your group. 

In this way, you will not be required to complete or buy any materials. Everything is given to you. 

We respect the work and effort of official publishing houses and for that reason, we have agreements which allow us to use their materials flexibly. 



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Feedback is provided to you after every class by the teacher. It is personalised for the class and structured in the following way: 


Build a stronger and wider vocabulary control.


Improve your grammatical skills by reviewing errors and new grammar points.


Work towards a more intelligible pronunciation. 

Useful language 

Sound more natural through building knowledge of common expressions. 

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