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We believe in your skills.

Our Founder : 14 years teaching experience


MA in English and its advanced applications

Certification in School Management and Leadership

BA in Business Administration

Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Certification in Teaching English as a Second Language

National Award

Role model teacher of the year 2016 


Tree Education's Company Mission.

Experience-driven, Skills-based, Autonomous English Learning in a Multi-cultural Environment from the comfort of your home

We believe a learning language is an experience, not just a subject. Tree Education's mission is to ensure that students experience the English language in class, and apply those learnings into the real world. 


We firmly believe that it is possible that online education provides the same quality of education as face-to-face tutoring. For that our mission is to give the optimal possible teaching quality, all from the comfort of their own home!  


Our motto is: 'Teach the student, not the book.' Students learn when they identify with the content. Our mission for that is to use materials as support and to use them flexibly for the needs and objectives of our students. Think about it - when you learned your first language, did you learn it in a specific order or you learned it as you needed to express yourself? 

If students depend on their teacher too much, they will find many difficulties in expressing themselves outside of the classroom. Our mission is to teach students how to take responsibilities for their own learning and help them develop strategies to continue learning in the real world. What we do is we provide them with feedback after eavery class and we make them think about that feedback. 

Online learning has opened the doors to the whole world, so our goal and mission is to have students from different countries, who share the same needs and objectives, the same level, the same profession, but what they don't have in common is their first language. We enbrace and foster this multi-cultural environment, which enforces the need to use English in the classroom. 

The vision for our educational platform 

Unlock the world of English fluency and empower Spanish students to communicate confidently through our transformative educational platform.

Working on a Computer

Qualified teachers

We aim to  build and sustain a team of highly motivated and qualified professionals.

Image by Louis Reed

Go global

We aim to help students all over the world communicate internationally.

Image by Marc Schulte


We believe in transparency and aim to build a culture based on it.

Image by Giorgio Trovato


We are committed to becoming a reference in the sector by helping our students succeed. 

Toy Brain

Enhance learning

Through technology and flexibility, we provide enhanced and optimized learning environment.

Image by Pisit Heng


Our classes are alligned with linguistic research best practices.



Social and community

  • Commitment and transparency

  • Focus on international communication​

  • Cooperation ​

  • Respect ​

  • Personal growth ​

  • Professional growth 

  • Collaborate with educational institutions ​

  • Collaborate with non-profit organizations ​

  • Leave a trace in the world and in education ​

  • Improve learning globally


  • Professional training for staff at all levels​

  • Seminars for student development​

  • Goal-oriented culture 

  • Skills focus  ​

  • Focus on research - second language acquisition ​

  • Internal action research 

Work ethic

  • Involve teachers in decision-making​

  • Motivation for excellence​

  • Specialized work teams​

  • Team work  ​

  • Calm and safe environment ​

  • Equal opportunities


  • Listen to the student​

  • Transparency ​

  • Support in all learning stages ​

  • Invite students into decision-making processes ​

  • Exceed student' expectations 

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